Since its launch on myself employment I was able to perform

  • at an automotive product optimization with a corresponding cost reduction
  • housing for high temperature galvanizing of zinc
  • Multi chamber furnace for steel parts,
  • consulting for production optimization, furnace optimization
  • consulting and offering for changing fuel from brownn coal to waste for a power plant  with a power of 750 MW
  • consulting  different projects of rotary klin
  • consulting for big engineering company for aluminium recycling
  • disigning of to big tempering chambers (550 °C) for aluminium ingots
  • development of a special valve
  • design a insulated loading plattform with transportsystem in light weight execution
  • design and manufacturing from 2 solvent for thermal combustion
  • energy saving of 40% at a enamelling furnace


I thank my customers and partners for their confidence and look forward to further and new tasks! 

Dipl. Ing (FH) allgem. process engineering Karl Heinz Gehlert